Twigs provide a number of tree services in Calgary. Our Calgary based tree service providers can help you in all your tree related queries.

Check our tree services below –

Tree Removal Calgary Stormdamaged?  In the wrong place? We understand that sometimes they just have to go. We offer complete tree removal of any size, from anywhere.

Tree Pruning Calgary Proper pruning at the right times is important. Taking only the branches that need to go, no stumps peels or flat cuts. Detailing enchances property value!

Stump Grinding and Removal Calgary We can get in tight spaces, stumps of any size. All stumps are ground below grade, we get it all!

Brush Chipping Calgary You cut it down, we chip it up!

Fertilizing Calgary

Try adding organic matter to tree beds as an alternative to nitrogen based fertilizers. Conventional fertilizers available. Free mulch always on hand.

Wood Waste Recycling Calgary Chips and mulch are available for ground cover, tree beds, biofuel and more. Material is also available for wood based projects and firewood.

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